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Our story

Haakman Flowerbulbs B.V.

As far as tulip bulbs are concerned, Haakman Flowerbulbs are the absolute global specialists. We export tulips for the nursery, working closely with the best growers in the Netherlands.

Interested in our tulip bulbs or a partnership?

A powerful partner

for cultivating

large areas of tulips

In 2010, in order to be able to supply a broad spectrum and maintain a feel for forcing tulips, we set up H&M Flowers, a completely independent company that concentrates on forcing tulips at the higher end of the market. This has given us invaluable experience which we use to take our customers to a higher level.


Haakman Flowerbulbs is located in Wevershoof, right in the centre of the Dutch bulb region. If you export tulips and you want to deliver excellent quality, then you have to keep everything under control.

Why Haakman Flowerbulbs BV?

  • One of the few real tulip specialists.
  • A wide and innovative range for large and small customers who force tulips in water or top soil.
  • Bulbs from the best growers in the Netherlands.
  • High level of automation: we know exactly where each bulb originates and can rapidly provide information.
  • Specialist in preparation and cultivation. We are proud that Ger Koomen – an expert in tulip preparation – is involved with our company.
  • We inspect every batch of tulip bulbs for internal quality and always carry out stage monitoring. We prepare our bulbs very precisely depending on the outcome of the tests.
  • Year-round supply thanks to our branch in New Zealand.
  • Punctual delivery thanks to excellent logistics.
  • We give extensive global assistance in the forcing process.
  • We think like growers because we also have our own nursery (H&M Flowers).

Dirk-Jan Haakman

Commercial Director and Salesmanager

Michiel Kruijer

General Manager & Operational Director

Dick Haakman

Advisor + Sales Eastern Europe

Marcin Toporowski

Floor Manager

Stijn Meijer


Alex Laan

Agrospecialist and Advisor